How can I get alerts about news and offers?

If you want to be aware of all news and offers, we suggest you to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us in social networks.

What can I find in your blog?

In our blog you can find any kind of post related with knitting, crochet and fibers. We talk about our favorite patterns, products and tips, and we share free patterns and ideas about knitting and crochet.

Questions about yarn:

What are the yarns in the online shop made of?

In our web shop you can find yarn balls of any knid of materials: wool, alpaca, merino wool, cotton, linen, bamboo, acrylic for vegans and people with allergies,... If you are looking for an specific yarn, you can make a filtered search by fiber and get precise results.

What needle or crochet hook size do I need to work the yarn?

Each yarn ball has to be worked with its most suitable crochet hook or knitting needle. In every product data sheet we show you the suggested needle size by the yarn manufacturer. Remember that the crochet hook size is usually smaller than the suggested knitting needle size. In any case, we always suggest to make a swatch to check if you like the stitch and if your tension is the same than the one stated in the pattern; you can always go up or down to the suggested needle size in the yarn ball.

How can I know the different features of every yarn ball?

In our website, in the data sheet of each yarn ball we show you different features like weight, meters, suggested needle size, composition and wash and care instructions. Once you have bought the yarn ball we suggest to keep the label, because all this information is also there.

How many yarn balls do I need to make a garment?

It depends on every garment and every yarn ball. You may need more or less yarn balls for different kinds of projects. We try to help as much as we can, and for this reason you can find a tab in the yarn data sheet with a small guide on suggested quantities for different garments and sizes. You will also find the manufacturer's gauge in the yarn label.

How do I have to wash my knitted garments?

Each garment would need different care depending on the yarn you used. Some yarns can be machine washed, even put in the dryer, other require a more delicate care. This information is in the yarn label and in the data sheet on our website. Anyways, we suggest to hand wash and dry flat your knitted garments to extend the life of your clothes.

I need more yarn balls and I need to know if you have the same dye lot

If you need to know if you have the same dye lot of some yarn ball that you already bought, you can send us an email at providing the name of the yarn ball, the color number and the dye lot. We will answer you as soon as we can to tell you if we have it or not. In case that we do not have the same dye lot, there are tricks like use the different dye lot yarn balls for the sleeves or alternate yarn balls every few rows to make the transition more gradual. In any case, most of the time the difference in the dyelot is practically indiscernible.

Questions about Kits:

What kind of kits can I find?

You can find a wide range of crochet and knitting kits, some of them made by Miss Kits and others created by other brands and partners.

How are the patterns?

Every brand makes the patterns their way. We try to make easy to understand patterns, available to all levels. Anyways, if you do not understand a pattern, you can write us at and we will try to help you.

I have never knitted or crocheted. Can I make a kit?

Of course, don't be afraid to start! We have a section called tutorials where you can find instructional videos about different basic knit and crochet stitches. We suggest you to start with a basic level kit. Our basic level crochet kits include a complete step by step video tutorial.

I can't find the product video tutorials

You can find the video tutorials of our kits in the Tutorials section of our website. There you can find the videos for the starter crochet kits. More advanced kits do not have video tutorials.

I already have crochet hook and needle. Can I get the kit without them?

Of course! If you read the Kits data sheet you will note that the initial price only include the pattern and yarn balls. You decide if you want to add crochet hooks and needles to the kit, as well as Miss Kits packaging (beautiful box and bag with progress keeper, button and darning needle) or accessories like handles, buttons, … it's up to you.

Can I buy the pattern aside the kit?

Patterns are included to the kits when you buy the materials to make your project. We do not sell the patterns alone. Choose the yarn balls and we will give you the pattern.

Questions about the web registration:

Why do I need to register to the website?

There are several advantages: you will not have to fill all the fields of the form in your next purchase, you can make comments, rate yarns, add products to your wishlist and have access to your order history, that will make easier to remember what have you already bought, repeat a purchase or add another yarn ball of the same color to your project.

Can I buy without being registered?

Being registered is not mandatory to buy at our online shop. You can buy online just filling the fields for shipping. But we suggest you to register, for all the advantages.

If I register, will I have an order history?

Of course. In your private space you will have a record of all your orders and you will have access to it, to remember what have you already bought and buy again the same products or colors.

Questions about the online shopping:

Payment methods

You can pay with credit card.

Returns and exchanges

At Miss Kits we accept product returns if they have not been manipulated. We do not accept the return of needles, crochet hooks and accessories. You have to send an email to giving all the details of the product that you want to return. The shipping cost of this return is on buyers behalf. Miss Kits will not reimburse this shipping cost nor the one of the original purchase. Once we receive the parcel and we can check that everything is correct, we will send you the money.

How do vouchers work?

Sometimes we make promotions with vouchers. You just need to write the provided code in the cell for vouchers before proceed to check out. These codes may be a percentage offer (for example: 10% discount) or a fixed price discount (for example: 10€ discount if you spend more than 100€). Sometimes these vouchers are subject to a minimum purchase price and/or can not be added to other offer and promotions.

How does the promotion of the tote bag or surprise yarn works?

It's easy. When you spend 55 € or more in our online shop, you can get a present. You can choose if you want our tote bag or if you prefer a surprise yarn ball.

Questions about shipping:

Shipping cost and delivery time

The shipping cost for the Spanish Peninsula and Portugal is 4.95€. For the Balearic Islands the shipping cost is 7.95€. Delivery time is 24/48 hours in working days. If you buy before 16h it will leave our shop in the same day. If you buy after 16h, we can not waranty that and it may leave the next day. The shipping cost for...

Can I track my parcel?

Of course! At Miss Kits we work with Dynamic Express and SEUR. When your order is ready for shipment, you will get an email with a link where you can track your parcel. If you do not receive this email it may be in your spam folder or maybe you wrote a wrong email address when you did your purchase.

How can I get a free shipping?

At Miss Kits we have made an effort to offer you free shipping for a low cost. You just need to spend 40€ or more at our online shop and the shipping cost will be at our expense for the Spanish Peninsula (not for Balearic Islands) and Portugal.

Can I pick it up at Miss Kits?

Our brick and mortar store is in Barcelona. If you want to pick up your online purchase at Miss Kits shop, you can check the "Store pickup" box. We will save your order in the shop until you come to pick it up and you will have no shipping costs.

The place where I live does not appear in the shipping options ¿can you send it anyway?

If you want to make an order and you zone does not appear in the shipping places options, send us an email to giving us the references of what you want to buy and we will inform you of the shipping costs.

Questions about the brick and mortar shop:

Where is the shop and what are the store hours?

Miss Kits brick and mortar store is in Barcelona. We are in 258 of Aribau street, in the Sarrià - Sant Gervasi neighbourhood.

The store hours are Monday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm and from 4'30 am to 8pm. Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm, except in July that the shop is closed on Saturdays. You can always make your purchases in our online shop, and your order will be send in the next working day. To view a map you can visit the "Where we are" section of the website.

What can I find at Miss Kits store?

At Miss Kits brick and mortar store in Barcelona you can find the same products that you have seen in our online shop. If you live in Barcelona or are nearby, don't miss the oportunity to check in here and take a look at our hand-dyed skeins, feel our yarns and check some samples. We are sure that you will enjoy the visit!

Do you teach workshops or guide in projects?

This is one of the benefits of the brick and mortar store. We offer different kinds of classes were we guide you in your projects. We have a space where you will feel like home and where you can learn to knit or crochet. Our teachers will guide you in your projects while you spend a good time. You can find more information about classes and workshops in our blog.