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11,75 €
6 Variants

Resistant mohair, suitable to knit with one strand, 2 strands or to blend it with any other yarn.

23,00 €
14 Colors

Raval Chalky by Greta and the Fibers is hand-dyed merino wool in solid pastel colors.

25,00 €
25 Colors

Chispas by Greta and the Fibers in Raval base is hand-dyed merino wool with speckles, perfect to knit shawls

25,00 €
9 Colors

Raval Mezclum by Greta and the Fibers is hand-dyed merino wool in fingering weight with gradient colors.

23,00 €
50 Colors

Raval by Greta and the Fibers is a hand-dyed yarn in solid but assorted colors

25,00 €
10 Colors

Sombras by Greta and the Fibers is the new hand-dyed collection of this brand, a monochromatic skein with multiple shades.

22,75 €
73 Colors

LITLG Fine Sock hanks are hand-dyed sock yarn in fingering weight

22,00 €
55 Colors

Olann Sock Lite, are hand dyed merino wool skeins in fingering weight.

26,95 €
8 Colors

Feel the smoothness of Qing Fibre with a 10% Cashmere. Super Soft Sock base is perfect to knit any kind of garments, including socks.

24,00 €
45 Colors

Tôt le matin Sock 75, hand-dyed superwash merino wool with nylon in fingering weight

22,95 €
20 Colors

Fingering weight wool hand-dyed in Greece . Let's get seduced by the gamut of colors of this dyer.

26,90 €
20 Colors

Let yourself be surprised by the colors of TréLiz Yama, a wool with Yak base. Yak fibre gives a darker tone to the base and that makes that the hand-dyed skeins get unique colors.

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