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5,74 €

These dotted scissors look like from a fairy tale: they have a precise cut, they are small and very portable, and they are sooo lovely.

9,50 €

Soap to block and wash your wool garments.

3,93 €

Eucalan Wrapture no rinse wool wash is the perfect soap to block your garments. Available in 100ml bottle and lavender fragance

3,93 €

Eucalan Wrapture is the perfect no rinse delicate woolwash to block your garments. Available in 100ml bottles and jasmin fragance. 

4,95 €

Practical row counter. You can hang it to your neck thanks to its long cord

42,98 €
2 Colors

Interchangeable circular knitting needles cases by Knitting Unicorns

4,55 €

Jabón artesano con 100% aceite de coco

2,07 €

This set by the Pony brand will allow you to make pom poms very quick.

5,37 €

Non-slip latex for your socks

1,90 €

Retractable measuring tape in centimeters and inches

0,41 €

Tapestry needle, perfect to hide your loose ends

7,02 €

Prácticas tijeras con efecto de color tornasolado

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