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Before starting your next crochet project, check that you have everything you need. Stitch markers are an essential tool for crochet lovers. Do you stil not have a tapestry needle to hide tails? Take a look at this section before starting the next round!

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Práctico corta hilos para llevar siempre encima gracias a su funda protectora

6,95 €

These dotted scissors look like from a fairy tale: they have a precise cut, they are small and very portable, and they are sooo lovely.

4,75 €

Katia Stitch markers is a craft box with 60 stitch markers

2,00 €

Knitpro plastic tapestry needles are perfect to finish your garments and hide the threads of your project. The set contains 4 units. They have a bended tip to ease the task of hiding threads.

2,30 €

Pack of 3 tapestry needles by Knitpro brand. They have a large cable eye that makes threading easier.

2,75 €

Open stitch markers by Knitpro are perfect for you knitting and crochet projects. They are very quick and easy to put in your projects thanks to their small opening.

7,50 €
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The small set has the tools to make 35mm and 45mm diameter pom poms. The bigger set has the tools to make 65mm and 85mm diameter pom poms.

5,99 €

Practical row counter. You can hang it to your neck thanks to its long cord

4,40 €

Knitpro ruler will help you measuring your knitting swatches precisely. This ruler also have a needle gauge that will help you to know your needle size.

3,20 €

Safety Pin Stitch Markers by Knitpro are perfect for knitting and crochet projects. They can be opened and close easily, preventing you from losing them.

9,60 €

Rose gold finishing scissors.

2,25 €

Knitting row counter by Pony, designed to be inserted in your straight needles. You can also use it alone as an accessory for knitting and crochet.

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