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Before starting your next crochet project, check that you have everything you need. Stitch markers are an essential tool for crochet lovers. Do you stil not have a tapestry needle to hide tails? Take a look at this section before starting the next round!

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Aguja lanera sin punta, ideal para rematar los hilos sea cual sea su tamaño

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Cinta métrica en centímetros y en pulgadas retráctil

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Práctico corta hilos para llevar siempre encima gracias a su funda protectora

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These dotted scissors look like from a fairy tale: they have a precise cut, they are small and very portable, and they are sooo lovely.

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Las agujas laneras de Knitpro de plástico son perfectas para rematar los hilos de tu labor. Disponible en packs de 4 unidades, tienen la punta doblada para que sea más sencillo esconder los hilos

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Open stitch markers by Knitpro are perfect for you knitting and crochet projects. They are very quick and easy to put in your projects thanks to their small opening.

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El set para pompomes de Knitpro está disponible en dos tamaños. El set pequeño te permite hacer pompones de 35 y 45mm de diámetro. El set grande te permite hacer pompones de 65 y 85mm de diámetro

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Knitpro ruler will help you measuring your knitting swatches precisely. This ruler also have a needle gauge that will help you to know your needle size.

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Safety Pin Stitch Markers by Knitpro are perfect for knitting and crochet projects. They can be opened and close easily, preventing you from losing them.

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Set de agujas lanera de Pony, de diferentes tamaños y muy fáciles de enhebrar

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