El Tejejuego

Buy yarn. Accumulate meters. And get prizes!

El Tejejuego ("The Knitting game") is Miss Kits way to thank you for your fidelity when you choose our store to buy your yarn.

Every meter of the yarn balls and skeins that you buy will add up in a race to the podium. We have created a range of goals with rewards.

When you arrive to one of this goals with your purchases, you will get a prize. Also, at the end of the year and on special ocasions we will give special prizes to participants on the top 10 of the ranking.
Every December 31st the counter will go to 0 again and the race for new rewards will start again. But don’t worry, you will be able to redeem your codes until January 31st of the next year.

These are all the prizes that you can get for the yarn that you buy at Miss Kits. What will be your next reward?


Awards and trophies

El Tejejuego Board