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ChiaoGoo is a brand that excels for its circular knitting needles, with the best cable in the market. We highly recommend their interchangeable knitting needles. Circular knitting has never been easier. Try ChiaoGoo circular needles, you will love them!

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3,72 €

With ChiaoGoo cable adapter you only need one kind of cable for every needle size.

2,89 €

Connect two or more cables together to get the largest cable for your project.

2,89 €

Connect two or more Small cables together to get the largest cable for your project.

6,20 €
4 Variantes

ChiaoGoo cables for size mini ChiaoGoo needles.

7,23 €
13 Variantes

10cm large Twist Lace needles are smaller than usual, perfect to knit small circular garments or pieces.

7,23 €
16 Variantes

13 cm large Twist Lace needles by ChiaoGoo will become your new favorite knitting needles. They are high quality, they are light and they have a very sharp tip.

7,85 €
5 Variantes

23cm large ChiaoGoo Red Circular fixed needles are perfect to knit socks. 

7,44 €
11 Variantes

Fixed 30cm large circular needles with ergonomic handle. perfect to knit socks and sleeves.

80,99 €
2 Variantes

ChiaoGoo Twist Lace interchangeable needles case is available in 10cm or 13 cm large needles.

77,69 €

ChiaoGoo interchangeable short tip needles set, with needle tips from 2mm to 3.25mm in two different lengths.

80,99 €

ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Small Needle set contains 3.5mm to 5mm needle tips in 2 different lenghts.

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