Comprar gran variedad de Polyamide online

In this section of our online shop you will find yarns with a small percentage of polyamide. Polyamide gives more resilience to yarns and is very common in sock yarn, for example.

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3,55 €
5 Colors

Un ovillo ecológico de aspecto rústico y tweed

4,34 €
30 Colors

A medium thick blow yarn made of baby alpaca and merino wool

2,85 €
10 Colors

Soft, light and full of loops!

2,64 €
20 Colors

A soft and exciting superwash treated wool!

2,02 €
51 Colors

DROPS Fabel is the perfect sock yarn, with superwash treatment

3,93 €
20 Colors

A luxurious mix of merino wool and brushed alpaca

2,11 €
19 Colors

Soft and durable in alpaca, wool and polyamide

4,42 €
19 Colors

Un hilo super suave y ligero en baby alpaca y lana merino

2,44 €
10 Colors

6,57 €
9 Colors

Lana Alpaca Superfine de gran ligereza y efecto bicolor degradado

4,55 €
2 Colors

Alpaca Gold combina esponjosa alpaca de pelo corto con un "destello" dorado

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