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If you love sock knitting this is your section! Find your favorite sock yarn among all our selection of wool. You can choose solid colors, yarns for colorwork socks, "pairfect" skeins to get 2 identical socks and also hand dyed skeins for sock knitting.

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3,20 €
19 Colors

DROPS Delight is a soft and fascinating superwash treated wool!

2,45 €
47 Colors

DROPS Fabel is the perfect sock yarn with superwash treatment

2,55 €
21 Colors

DROPS Nord is a soft and durable yarn in alpaca, wool and polyamide

9,95 €
6 Colors

Jacquard Symmetric Socks by Katia is a single yarn ball to knit 2 identical socks.

7,25 €
6 Colors

Katia Tokyo Socks is the new sock yarn model by Katia yarns

2,00 €
24 Colors

Katia United Socks, sock yarn in 25 gram skeins

8,75 €
4 Colors

Regia 4ply Color, fun colors for your hand knitted socks

9,95 €
29 Colors

Regia 4ply Color Arne&Carlos edition

8,95 €
17 Colors

Regia Pairfect, knit a perfect pair of identical socks

9,95 €
14 Colors

Regia Pairfect by Arne&Carlos, knit 2 identical socks.

8,95 €
11 Colors

Tutti Frutti by Regia, cotton yarn for sock knitting.

4,90 €
4 Colors

Regia Tweed, sock yarn with tweed effect

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