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If you love sock knitting this is your section! Find your favorite sock yarn among all our selection of wool. You can choose solid colors, yarns for colorwork socks, "pairfect" skeins to get 2 identical socks and also hand dyed skeins for sock knitting.

2,64 €
20 Colors

A soft and exciting superwash treated wool!

2,02 €
51 Colors

DROPS Fabel is the perfect sock yarn, with superwash treatment

2,11 €
19 Colors

Soft and durable in alpaca, wool and polyamide

8,22 €
6 Colors

1 único ovillo de Ciclo Perfecto = 2 calcetines exactamente iguales

8,22 €
6 Colors

Con Katia Rainbow Socks podrás hacer un par de calcetines en colores degradados

5,99 €
6 Colors

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