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If you love hand dyed yarns, you will addore this space. Enjoy choosing among colors, combine them, use plain color skeins and the ones with speckles, and knit with wools hand dyed by different brands. At Miss Kits we bring you a wide variety of wools in fingering weight; combine them as you want!

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8,75 €
2 Colors

Merino wool hand-dyed in South Africa. Perfect to match with Cowgirl Blues 100gr Sport weight skeins

13,00 €
10 Colors

dLana La Madrilana, Spanish merino wool

20,00 €
29 Colors

DK Merino wool hand-dyed by the boys of El Robledal de la Santa

20,00 €
30 Colors

Silky Me is an amazing blend of extra-fine merino wool and mulberry silk in fingering weight, hand-dyed by the guys of El Robledal de la Santa.

19,00 €
32 Colors

Silky Mohair are a blend of mohair and silk skeins, hand-dyed by the boys of El Robledal de la Santa

22,00 €
45 Colors

Encayarns Merino 100%, hand-dyed yarn

20,00 €
34 Colors

Feliz y Punto DK Merino are 100% Merino wool skeins, with superwash treatment and hand dyed with love

26,00 €
46 Colors

Luxury Sock is a luxury blend of merino wool, silk, and cashmere.

26,00 €
67 Colors

Seda 40 is a Feliz y Punto yarn with 60% merino wool and 40% silk. Absolute softness in fingering weight!

23,00 €
43 Colors

Frida Fuchs is a brand of hand dyed yarns based in Germany. Hosenmatz 4ply base are fingering weight 100% merino wool skeins

23,00 €
14 Colors

Raval Chalky by Greta and the Fibers is hand-dyed merino wool in solid pastel colors.

25,00 €
25 Colors

Chispas by Greta and the Fibers in Raval base is hand-dyed merino wool with speckles, perfect to knit shawls

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