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4,25 €

Knitpro blocking pins are perfect to block any kind of garment

2,00 €

Knitpro plastic tapestry needles are perfect to finish your garments and hide the threads of your project. The set contains 4 units. They have a bended tip to ease the task of hiding threads.

2,30 €

Pack of 3 tapestry needles by Knitpro brand. They have a large cable eye that makes threading easier.

6,50 €

Amour by Knitpro new stitch markers are packaged in a range of colors and sizes, up to 4.5mm needles. These heart shaped metallic stitch markers are essential to work with knitting needles, circular or straight. 

17,99 €
3 Variants

Knitpro Aqua, sock blocker available in 3 different sizes

22,00 €

Los nuevos bloqueadores rainbow de Knitpro harán que tu hora de bloquear sea más divertida gracias a sus 20 bloqueadores de colores

2,95 €
6 Variants

These cables work with Nova and Symfonie needle tips by Knitpro

2,50 €

Knitpro cable connector allows you to connect two or more cables together to obtain a larger one. Cable connectors are perfect when you want to try on a pullover you are knitting in the round.

2,50 €

Knitpro cable needles set is perfect to knit cables in your projects. This set includes 2 needles of different sizes.

22,00 €

This knit blockers box by Knitpro contains 20 units of different sizes. This is the perfect gadget to block pullovers and shawls.

2,65 €

Knitpro knitting stitch markers are packaged with several diameters so you have stitch markers for all your needle sizes. They are essential when knitting with circular needles.

6,50 €

The new markers Linea by Knitpro are metallic and they come in a set of different colors and geometric shapes. They are a must for knitter! Each set contains 40 units.

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