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The ideal weight for accessories like hats. You can work it with 5-6 mm knitting needles. Every 100 gr yarn ball contains 140-180 meters.

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5,00 €
32 Colors

Casasol Cone M, 100% combed cotton, perfect for amigurumis

9,45 €
30 Colors

Los Conos XL de Casasol son 100% algodón peinado de alta calidad con un tamaño XL para que puedas hacer tus amigurumis o complementos más rápidamente y con un tamaño mayor

19,20 €
8 Colors

ECO BASIC by Casasol, a basic sustainable yarn for all seasons!

12,00 €
4 Colors

Casasol Mako, Japanese cotton with metallic fibers, perfect for your summer garments

5,50 €
27 Colors

Rustic wool bobbins industrially dyed proceeding from fine and mid-fine merino sheep from Castile and Leon, carded and spun by master craftsmen in Val de San Lorenzo.  D= dark colorways P= pastel colorways V=bright colorways

5,25 €
5 Colors

dLana Canilla rustic wool is a merino wool from Castile and Leon, Spain, in natural colors and without chemical dyes

5,25 €
30 Colors

A medium thick blow yarn made of baby alpaca and merino wool

2,10 €
27 Colors

Alaska by DROPS is a wool classic

3,45 €
10 Colors

Soft, light and full of loops!

6,45 €
9 Colors

DROPS Big Delight is a multicolor feltable wool yarn perfect for small and large project.

3,40 €
18 Colors

DROPS Big Merino are superwash treated extra fine merino wool in Aran weight

2,80 €
9 Colors

DROPS Bomull-Lin is pure rustic elegance in cotton and linen

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