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0,58 €

Oak wood buttons at the best price. 25mm diameter.

1,45 €

100gr bags of toy stuffing, perfect for amigurumis and knitted toys.

95,04 €
3 Colors

Leather project bags designed by Joji Locatelli.

3,72 €

With ChiaoGoo cable adapter you only need one kind of cable for every needle size.

2,89 €

Connect two or more cables together to get the largest cable for your project.

2,89 €

Connect two or more Small cables together to get the largest cable for your project.

6,20 €
4 Variantes

ChiaoGoo cables for size mini ChiaoGoo needles.

3,72 €

You can use ChiaoGoo small cable stoppers when you need to remove your needles from your working project and you don't want to loose the stitches in the cable.

3,72 €

Chiagoo end stoppers for small cables will allow you to remove the needles of the cable in you current project without losing the stitches.

3,72 €

Práctico corta hilos para llevar siempre encima gracias a su funda protectora

5,74 €

These dotted scissors look like from a fairy tale: they have a precise cut, they are small and very portable, and they are sooo lovely.

0,17 €

White mother-of-pearl button, perfect for baby garments. It has a 15mm diameter.

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