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7,23 €
7 Colors

Merino wool hand-dyed in South Africa. Perfect to match with Cowgirl Blues 100gr Sport weight skeins

2,81 €
50 Colors

DROPS Baby Merino is a superwash treated extra fine merino wool, perfect for babies and delicate skins

1,24 €
35 Colors

Egyptian combed cotton in every colour! Perfect for amigurumis

4,75 €
12 Colors

Discover the softness of Katia's cotton in its Concept line. Katia Concept Cotton Cashmere, with a 10% of cashmere

3,02 €
9 Colors

Katia Copito is a furry touch yarn perfect to knit baby garments and accessories

3,26 €
4 Colors

Yarn for babies with fancy prints. Katia Copito Print is the perfect thread to make fluffy cradle blankets or vests and jackets to warm the little ones. Perfect to combine it with Katia Copito in plain colors.

2,64 €
6 Colors

Cotton Stretch by Katia is the perfect cotton thread to make your own bikinis

3,51 €
33 Colors

Katia Fair Cotton, 100% cotton, perfect to make amigurumis or baby garments

10,74 €
6 Colors

Katia Galilea contains 450 meters in 150 grams of thread, perfect to knit a scarf with just one yarn ball.

4,12 €
4 Colors

Katia Gatsby is the perfect yarn to knit or crochet elegant shawls with sparkling bits.

8,22 €
6 Colors

1 single yarn ball of perfect cicle = 1 pair of identical socks

3,30 €
17 Colors

Bright colored natural linen yarn.

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