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5,00 €
32 Colors

Casasol Cone M, 100% combed cotton, perfect for amigurumis

3,40 €
49 Colors

DROPS Baby Merino is a superwash treated extra fine merino wool, perfect for babies and delicate skins

5,50 €
21 Colors

DROPS BabyAlpaca Silk is a wonderful mix of baby alpaca and mulberry silk presented in sport weight yarn

2,99 €
39 Colors

Katia Alabama is a blend of cotton and acrylic, perfect for children and adult garments, home accessories and amigurumis

2,95 €
10 Colors

Katia Baby Jacquard is the perfect thread to knit baby garments. Soft and with fun color changes.

5,95 €
15 Colors

Katia Bambi is a soft and warm yarn with velvet feel, perfect for baby garments and home accessories.

3,75 €
14 Colors

Katia Candy are multicolor cotton yarn balls, especially for baby and child garments.

5,75 €
22 Colors

Katia Concept Cotton Cashmere is a soft cotton yarn with a 10% cashmere

4,95 €
16 Colors

Katia Concept Ultrasoft is a skein of cotton that feels like wool 

3,65 €
9 Colors

Katia Copito is a furry touch yarn perfect to knit baby garments and accessories

3,95 €
4 Colors

Copito Print is the perfect yarn in fancy prints for knitting garments and blankets for babies.

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