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In this section of our online shop we offer a wide range of wool yarns for sale, like pure wool or merino wool. You can find wool blends and 100% wool yarn balls. Chose the best for your project and let's knit!

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9,71 €
6 Variants

Resistant mohair, suitable to knit with one strand, 2 strands or to blend it with any other yarn.

12,81 €
6 Colors

Hand-dyed Merino Wool in DK weight

7,40 €
3 Colors

Merino wool hand-dyed in South Africa in DK weight. Perfect to match with Cowgirl Blues 100gr DK weight skeins

7,23 €
7 Colors

Merino wool hand-dyed in South Africa. Perfect to match with Cowgirl Blues 100gr Sport weight skeins

4,34 €
30 Colors

A medium thick blow yarn made of baby alpaca and merino wool

1,74 €
27 Colors

Alaska by DROPS is a wool classic

2,98 €
60 Colors

Drops Alpaca is an all time favorite made purely from soft alpaca

2,85 €
10 Colors

Soft, light and full of loops!

4,05 €
31 Colors

DROPS Andes is the perfect blend of alpaca and wool in a soft and chunky format

2,81 €
50 Colors

DROPS Baby Merino is a superwash treated extra fine merino wool, perfect for babies and delicate skins

4,55 €
21 Colors

DROPS BabyAlpaca Silk is a wonderful mix of baby alpaca and mulberry silk presented in sport weight yarn

5,33 €
17 Colors

DROPS Big Delight is a multicolor feltable wool yarn perfect for small and large project.

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