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Are you looking for a crochet hook? This is your place! At Miss Kits online shop you we offer ergonomic Knitpro crochet hooks and thin metallic Pony crochet hooks. Whatever the size hook you are looking for, you can buy it at Miss Kits.

0,57 € 2,07 € -1,50 €

4mm ergonomic crochet hook

21,36 €

In this Drops crochet hooks set you will find crochet hooks from 2mm size to 6mm. All of them are high quality and have an ergonomic handle.

2,56 €
17 Variants

Waves by Knitpro are crochet hooks with ergonomic handles specially designed to be held for long periods without harming your hands

0,57 € 2,07 € -1,50 €

6mm ergonomic crochet hook

0,57 € 2,07 € -1,50 €

9mm bamboo crochet hook, perfect to work with Miss Kits ribbon

3,26 €
2 Variants

15 or 20mm plastic crochet hooks, perfect to work with trapillo.

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