Cookie policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small bits of information that are downloaded to your computer when you visit a website and that store and occasionally track information about your use of a website. Some of the cookies used by Miss Kits exist only while you are logged in, and they expire when you close the browser. Others are used for a longer time, such as when Miss Kits is asked to save the login details you have entered for your next visit to the Website.


Why we use cookies?

Miss Kits uses cookies to increase the quality of the Website, to offer you a more satisfactory user experience and to improve the service we provide to you. Cookies allow Miss Kits to monitor and analyze the use of the Website.

What cookies are used on the Website are explained below, according to the categories of cookies defined in the guide of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Strictly necessary cookies: they are basic to the operation of the Website and allow you to use its fundamental functions.

The basic functions of the Website need cookies that are strictly necessary for it to function properly, and for you to be able to navigate through it and use its functions. Strictly necessary Miss Kits cookies also identify you as someone who is logged into the Website and allow you to access their secure areas. If you choose not to accept these types of cookies, you will not be able to use the Website, or some parts of it may not work correctly.

Behavioral cookies: they collect information about how you use the Website so that we can improve its quality and the service we offer you.

None of the cookies used on the Website has been identified by Miss Kits as a behavioral cookie.

Functionality cookies: they provide you with improved functionality of the Website by making it possible for Miss Kits to remember the choices you have made on the Website or to introduce improvements for your future visits.

The functionality cookies used on the Website offer improved functionality to it and allow Miss Kits to remember your username and password for your next visit, as well as assign you a unique identifier as a user who has already visited the Website at other times.

These cookies may share data with partners who provide services on our Website. Such information will only be shared for the purpose of providing the service, product or function in question and for no other purpose.

Advertising and monitoring cookies: these cookies collect certain data about the user's browsing habits and personalize their browsing experience on the Website. These cookies can be set by Miss Kits or by a third party dedicated to advertising networks.

The advertising and tracking cookies used on the Website remember that a user has visited the Website and this information is shared with other organizations, such as external advertising companies. Thus, these companies can send you more suitable ads for you and according to your interests. These cookies are often linked to the functionality of the Website provided by the other organization.

Cookies of this type that are used on the Website only collect data referring to the IP address that you are using. The data collected is used to inform you about products and / or services that may interest you. These cookies could also provide advertising agencies with information about your visit, so that they can present you with advertisements of your interest. For more information about this type of interest-based advertising and how to disable this feature, visit the page

In the list below we have included the cookies used on our Website: 

Kind of cookies Cookie Purpose Expiration
Website usage measurement (Google Analytics _utma This randomly generated number is used to determine unique visitors to our site. 2 years
_utmb This randomly generated number works with _utmc to calculate the average time users spend on our site. 30 minutes
_utmc This randomly generated number works with _utmc to calculate the average time users spend on our site. When the browser is closed
_utmz This is a randomly generated number and information about how a site was reached (for example, directly or through a link, organic or paid search) 6 months
Online store customization (uses a single encrypted cookie to store all session information) date_add The date and time of the cookie has been created (in the YYYY-MM-DD HH: MM: SS format). 20 days
id_lang Selected language ID.
id_currency Selected currency ID.
last_visited_category The identifier of the last visited category of the product announcements.
ajax_blockcart_display Whether the cart block is "expanded" or "collapsed".
viewed Product IDs viewed as a comma separated list.
id_wishlist The ID of the current list displayed in the block of your list.
id_guest The visitor's client ID when it has not been authenticated
id_connections The connection ID of the current session of the visitor
id_customer The visitor's client ID when authenticated
customer_lastname The customer's last name.
customer_firstname Customer's first name
logged If the client is connected
passwd The hash MD5 of _COOKIE_KEY_ in config / and the cllient's password the password that the client uses to log in
email The email address the customer uses to log in
id_cart The ID of the current basket shown in the purchase block.
date_add The date and time of the cookie has been created (in YYYY-MM-DD HH: MM: SS format).
id_lang Selected language ID.
id_employee Employee's ID
lastname The employee's last name.
firstname The employee's first name.
email profile The email address the employee uses to log in
profile The profile ID that determines which tabs the employee can access.
passwd The hash MD5 of _COOKIE_KEY_ in config / and the password the employee uses to log in.
checksum "The Blowfish checksum is used to determine if the cookie has been modified by a third party. If the checksum does not match, the client will be logged out and the cookie will be deleted. "

Manage cookie preferences 

Some of the cookies used on the Website are provided by us and some are provided by third parties who provide a service on our behalf.

You can reject the installation of cookies by modifying your browser settings. You will find more information at about cookies and how to block them. However, please note that blocking or deleting cookies may prevent you from taking full advantage of the Website.

In addition to cookies, there are tracking GIF files that Miss Kits or third parties may install to learn about your use of the Website. Tracking GIFs are small image files that are embedded in the content of the Website, in the body of marketing emails, or in Miss Kits newsletters so that Miss Kits or those third parties know which locations in the Website are visited or if a specific content arouses interest.

For information on how to configure it in the browser of your mobile phone, you will have to consult the manual of your device. 

In the privacy policy of Miss Kits you will find more details about the treatment that Miss Kits applies to personal data, although not all data captured by cookies can identify you.

Miss Kits is constantly striving to improve the way we manage cookie preferences. As new technologies and solutions emerge, this policy on the use of cookies will be updated to incorporate all the advances that appear in terms of technologies and tools for managing preferences.