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  • ChiaoGoo Agujas Lace Twist 10cm

ChiaoGoo Needles Lace Twist 10cm

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Tamaño agujas ChiaoGoo Twist Lace 10cm
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ChiaoGoo 10cm large interchangeable circular knitting needles are light, resistant and with a sharp tip, ideal for knitting at high speed or easily manage lace stitches or cables.

ChiaoGoo Twist Lace needle tips are made of surgical-grade stainless steel, so they are perfect for you if you like to work with metallic needles but you are sensitive to nickel.

Needle diameters are laser engraved in each tip, so it will never erase, and you always will know which needle you have in your hands.

10cm large ChiaoGoo Twist Lace needles in sizes 2mm to 2.5mm are size mini, and you must buy the correspondent mini cables

10cm large ChiaoGoo Twist Lace needles in sizes 2.75mm to 5mm connect to small cables in a smooth transition.

For 10cm large Chiaogoo Twist Lace needle tips in sizes 5.5mm and up, you will need the cable adapter and the small cables.

Use the wire that comes in the cable bag to tighten the connection. This way, the needles will not unscrew while you are working.

Do you like tips? You can use the hole for tightening the Chiaogoo Twist Lace needle tips to the cable for passing a lifeline through your project while knitting.

10cm long ChiaoGoo needle tips are perfect for big projects (shawls, adult sweaters, blankets,...) or if you feel more comfortable holding as much needle as possible while working.

You will love knitting in the round with ChiaoGoo knitting needles!

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