El Tejejuego

Buy yarn. Accumulate meters. And get prizes!

El Tejejuego ("The Knitting game") is Miss Kits way to thank you for your fidelity when you choose our store to buy your yarn.

Every meter of the yarn balls and skeins that you buy will add up in a race to the podium. We have created a range of goals with rewards.

When you arrive to one of this goals with your purchases, you will get a prize. Also, at the end of the year and on special ocasions we will give special prizes to participants on the top 10 of the ranking.
Every December 31st the counter will go to 0 again and the race for new rewards will start again. But don’t worry, you will be able to redeem your codes until January 31st of the next year.

These are all the prizes that you can get for the yarn that you buy at Miss Kits. What will be your next reward?

El Tejejuego - FAQ

1. How can I participate in El Tejejuego?

Just being a Miss Kits registered user and buying yarn (wool, cotton, linen,...) in our shop you are already participating in El Tejejuego.

2How can I add up the meters of yarn that I have bought to El Tejejuego?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything. Every time that you buy a yarn ball or a skein of wool, this has a determined meterage that you can see in the label or in the product description in our online shop. When you buy yarn, in the same maner that we add up the price before check out, El Tejejuego sums the meters of yarn and add them to your account.

3. How can I know my progress in El Tejejuego?

When you are logged in Miss Kits website, you will see a progress bar just below the menu. This progress bar shows the meters that you have accumulated and your progress within the game.

4. I can't see my progress in the progress bar.

To see your progress in El Tejejuego progress bar you must be logged in Miss Kits website. Once you are logged in with your username and password, you will see your progress in blue in the progress bar, just below the menu.

5. How can I register to El Tejejuego?

To participate in El Tejejuego you must be a registered user at Miss Kits and buy yarn in our online shop or Barcelona’s brick and mortar store.
To register in Miss Kits, click on the little person icon on the top right side of your screen (besides the shopping basket). Click on “Sign in” and provide your email address in the “Create an account” box. Check the “I accept shop conditions” box and click the “Create an account” button.

6. How can I know if I reached a goal?

Every time that you reach a goal you will get an email with the reward and the instructions to redeem it.

7. How can I redeem my reward?

In your next purchase you must put the redeem code that you received when you reached the last goal in the box below “Have a promo code?”.

8. I don't want to show my real name in the public ranking. What can I do?

Participation in El Tejejuego must be public. Your data is still private and only your name and position in ranking will be displayed. But if you don’t want to be identified by anybody you can use an nickname for this public information. To show a nickname, go to your user profile and write your alias in the “Nickname” box. This will be your public name in El Tejejuego ranking.

9. Last time I checked it I had more accumulated meters in El Tejejuego. What happened?

Have you returned some purchases? In the same way that El Tejejuego sums the meters that you buy, if you return a product the yarn meters of this product will be subtracted of your progress.
Have we changed the year? Every December 31st the counter goes back to 0 and El Tejejuego starts again. But don’t worry, you can redeem your codes until next January 31st.

10. I bought several needles and my progress in El Tejejuego has not changed. What happened?

Only yarn meters sum up in El Tejejuego. Needles, notions and other knitting and crochet accessories do not add meters to your El Tejejuego account.

11. I don't want to keep participating in El Tejejuego. Can I unsubscribe?

Yes, and you can keep buying at Miss Kits and stop participating in El Tejejuego. Just go to your El Tejejuego user page and uncheck the "I want to participate in El Tejejuego". Save the changes. From now on, all yarn meters you buy will not be sumed up and your name or nickname will not appear in the ranking. If later you want to join again, mark again this checkbox to participate again. Your counter will start again from 0 and your previous meters will be lost.

12. I have reached the last goal. Now what?

Once you reach the last 25.000 meters, El Tejejuego counter goes back to 0 and you can start to play the game again from the beginning.

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