LITLG Fine Sock

LITLG Fine Sock hanks are hand-dyed sock yarn in fingering weight

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For each unit of this product you will get 425 meters of yarn for El Tejejuego.

LITLG Fine Sock is a fluffy and high quality yarn that soon will become one of your favorites.

These wonderful fingering weight skeins are made of merino wool and nylon, the perfect base to knit socks. Anyways, the quality of the merino wool of these skeins will make of them the ideal choice to knit pullovers, shawls and even child garments.

LITLG is the acronym of Life In The Long Grass, a name that proves to be a statement of purpose of the brand. After having lived in London and Ibiza, working in the design field, Caroline spend her time now appreciating the bucolic live, creating jobs in rural Ireland with her small study of hand-dyed yarns.

LITLG colors are inspired by the colors of the countryside, matura and the slow live behind the wool that you are going to knit.

Caroline's passion for nature not only can be perceived in the skeins colors, but also in how they have been obtained. LITLG is responsible with the environment and, thanks to meticulous calculations and own recipes, in each dye lot the skeins absorb all the dye until the water is clean again and can be reused in the next lot. Labelling is made with 100% recycled paper and the wool comes from small farms from South America and United Kingdom where animal welfare is a prime issue.

When you buy LITLG Fine Sock yarn you know that you are getting high quality skeins, sustainable and with beautiful colors.

To see how LITLG Fine Sock yarns look once knitted and get inspired by some patterns, take a look at this page of projects on Ravelry.

Composition: 75% Merino, 25% Nylon
Yarn Group: Fingering 
Weight / Length: 100 g = 425 m 
Recommended Needle Size: 2,5-3,5 mm 
Machine washable / Dry flat

DryingDry flat
IroningIron at low temperature, maximum sole plate of 110 °C
Bleaching agentsDo not use bleaching agents
Tumble dryerDo not tumble dry
WashingMachine wash in a gentle cycle at 30 degrees
Yarn weightFingering
FibersMerino - Nylon
Weight100 grams
Recommended needle size2,5mm - 3,5mm

Available in the following colors

Afterglow , Amethyst , Andisol , Anthracite , Antique , Autumn , Autumn Leaf , Baroque , Beachgrass , Beryl , Blue Silver , Bronze , Cactus Moonsoil , Cantaloupe , Cauldron , Chrysalis , Cockleshell , Crush , Corrode , Dragon Seed , Dusky , Flax , Floral , Fissure , Foliage , French Lavender , Fullers Clay , Glimmer , Golddust , Gorse , Grit , Harbour , Henna Rose , Hillside , Jezebel , Lichen , Lughnasa , Lightbeam , Lush , Mineral , Meraki , Moonsoil , Moorlands , Mountain Path , Noon , Oxidized , Parasol , Pewter , Podzolic , Pressed Flowers , Queen , Reflect , Riverrock , Rosegold , Rose Garnet , Rosehip , Seedhead , Shadow , Shield , Sky Swan , Snowdrift , Soulskin , Space Ash , Sphaira , Steller , Stone , Storyteller , Tiller , Truffle , Terracotta , Weathered , Wheat , Wolf , Winterview

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