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Casasol Veggie Wool Petite

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Casasol Veggie Wool Petite
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For each unit of this product you will get 400 meters of yarn for El Tejejuego.

Veggie Wool Petite by Casasol is a super versatile fiber to make garments, accessories and home decor.

Popularly known as "vegan yarn", Veggie Wool is a yarn made of 100% dralon. Dralon is one of the trade names of the acrylic fiber obtained by polymerization of acrylonitrile, process through which it is achieved a yarn that imitates wool or hair, and with properties similar to those of polyester such as resistance, durability and, above all, the easy care of garments made with it. Dralon is anti-allergic and one of the softest acrylics. 

Veggie Wool Petite by Casasol is a very soft and pleasant to the touch dry spun fiber, ideal to make warm garments. This is why it is often known as Casasol's "vegan yarn" or "vegan wool", since it brings similar sensations to those of natural fiber.

Due to it composition, this is an easy care yarn that resists wear and washings very well, does not shrink and doesn't get dirty easily.

It is resistant to mires, moths, bacteria... so you don't have to worry about bad smells or holes in clothes.

One of the main advantages of Veggie Wool Petite by Casasol is its easy maintenance (wash up to 30ºC) and quick drying, so it is the perfect vegan yarn for daily use and baby garments.

Dralon is hypoallergenic, which reduces the possibility that garments made with this kind of yarn produce irritations and are highly tolerated by sensible skins. This is yet another reason why Veggie Wool Petite is perfect for baby garments. If you are going to knit a garment for someone with atopic skin, try vegan yarn.

To block your garments made with vegan wool, let them soak with conditioner for several hours and then wash them in the delicate cycle of the washing machine. Your garments made with Veggie Wool Petite will improve in softness and fluffiness.

Veggie Wool Petite by Casasol is sold in cones of  250 grams / 500 meters.

Recommended needle size: 4-5.5 mm

Data sheet
Yarn weight Dk
Meters 400
Weight 200 grams
Recommended needle size 4,5mm - 5,5mm
Dry flat
At low temperature, maximum sole plate of 110 °C
Do not use bleaching agents
Do not tumble dry
Machine wash in a gentle cycle at 30 degrees

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