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DROPS Wish is a fluffy "blown yarn" made of soft alpaca, Pima cotton, and merino wool.

What does "blown yarn" means?

Traditionally, yarn is obtained by twisting more or less short fibers (strands of wool, alpaca hair, cotton fibers,...) among them until getting a long and consistent yarn.

Thanks to the newest technologies, blown yarn consists of a thin polyamide mesh tube where fibers have been pressure-injected (or blown) to produce the yarn.

In the case of DROPS Wish, the fibers that have been blown inside the tube are 50% baby alpaca, 33% Pima cotton, and 17% wool.

Garments made with DROPS Wish are 30-35% lighter than others made with yarns of the same width but spun with the conventional method. So DROPS Wish is perfect for knitting large coats, textured sweaters with cables or garments in brioche, beautiful but usually heavyweight.

As they are not twist-spun, blown yarns create garments with no tendency to twist, so they are also great for knitting circular knit jumpers.

DROPS Wish is a light yarn that feels great against the skin. Garments made with DROPS Wish are completely hypoallergenic, that means that it does not produce itchiness and can be worn by everybody.

The fiber of baby alpaca comes from the first shear of the alpacas from the Peruvian highlands. Baby alpaca is a super soft wool, and it belongs to the group of fibers with a micron size equal to or less than 23 microns. That means that it is extremely light and soft. Although the alpaca is not as elastic as merino wool, it is a warmer natural fiber, very strong, and with great durability.

Pima cotton is a cotton variety originally from the South of Ecuador and North of Peru. It is characterized by having a fine and long fiber, making garments woven with Pima cotton soft, delicate, and very resistant. Besides, Pima cotton has a natural wax layer that gives an extraordinary shine and touch to this fiber.

Merino wool is one of the softest you will find in the market, it doesn't itch, and it has wonderful thermoregulation properties.

So, the blend of baby alpaca, Pima cotton, and merino wool in a blown yarn gives us a warm, resistant yarn, long-lasting, and perfect to knit warm and light garments.

If you already know DROPS Air, you will love DROPS Wish: warn, light and ethereal, and with a similar thickness to DROPS Snow for knitting quick projects with big needles, DROPS wish is the perfect choice for trendy slipovers, cozy sweaters, and chunky accessories like hats, cowls, and scarves. 

To knit a long-sleeved jersey in size L, you will need around 10 yarn balls. A large scarf may take you 7 yarn balls. Anyways, remember that the amount of yarn you need will be determined by your own tension gauge. Making a swatch will help you to make a more precise calculation.

Composition: 50% Alpaca, 33% Pima Cotton, 17% wool
Yarn group: E (9 - 11 stitches) / 14 ply / super bulky
Weight/lenght: 50 g = aprox 70 m
Recommended needle size: 9 mm
Gauge: 10 x 10 cm = 10 st x 14 rows
Hand wash, max 30ºC / Dry flat

Data sheet
Yarn weight Super Bulky
Meters 70
Weight 50 grams
Recommended needle size 8mm - 9mm
Dry flat
At low temperature, maximum sole plate of 110 °C
Do not use bleaching agents
Do not tumble dry
Handwash at 30ºC

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