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In our online store you will find a wide range of yarn brands. Choose your favorite, combine several ones and treat yourself! We have a great selection, from Drops to Katia, Malabrigo to Hedgehog Fibres, or Qing Fibres. Discover them here!

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3,40 €
49 Colors

DROPS Baby Merino is a superwash treated extra fine merino wool, perfect for babies and delicate skins

5,50 €
21 Colors

DROPS BabyAlpaca Silk is a wonderful mix of baby alpaca and mulberry silk presented in sport weight yarn

2,15 €
16 Colors

DROPS Belle is a DK weight yarn with linen, the perfect thread for everyday use.

6,45 €
13 Colors

DROPS Big Delight is a multicolor feltable wool yarn perfect for small and large project.

3,40 €
18 Colors

DROPS Big Merino are superwash treated extra fine merino wool in Aran weight

2,80 €
9 Colors

DROPS Bomull-Lin is pure rustic elegance in cotton and linen

2,75 €
25 Colors

DROPS Brushed Alpaca Silk is a luxurious blend of brushed alpaca and mulberry silk

1,35 €
26 Colors

DROPS Cotton Light is a fresh and light yarn for summer garments

3,65 €
27 Colors

DROPS Cotton Merino is a superwash yarn for all seasons!

3,20 €
19 Colors

DROPS Delight is a soft and fascinating superwash treated wool!

2,15 €
51 Colors

DROPS Eskimo is an excellent wool for feltin. Note: this yarn is rebranding to DROPS Snow. In the future you may see the 2 names for a time, but DROPS Eskimo and DROPS Snow are the same product with the same quality as always.

2,45 €
47 Colors

DROPS Fabel is the perfect sock yarn with superwash treatment

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