5 crochet patterns for the summer

Water Clover, camiseta a ganchillo de la revista Pom Pom Quarterly Magazine1. Water Clover, by Isa Catepillán

If you are a Pom Pom magazine fan, you surely know this pattern featured in spring 2019 issue, number 28. And probably it's already on your list!

To get this well-defined motive and this crisp stitch, the trick is to use a much smaller crochet hook than what the yarn manufacturer suggests.

So, for example, the t-shirt in the picture has been made with sport weight yarn and a 1.5mm crochet hook!

If you usually have a tight tension, you will love making this pattern. And if you crochet loosely, you may want to use a thicker thread. In any case, make a tension swatch and work with the yarns and hooks you prefer and give you a better result.

Can't you imagine it with Katia's Tencel-Cotton de Katia in dark blue?


Slide Tank Top, de Linda Skuja2. Slide Tank Top, by Linda Skuja

Cool, fun, modern... and easy to make. You can make this top in just a few days and we are sure that you will make it in more than one version.

For the lines and texture of this top, it will look just as good in plain color yarn as using one of those wonderful skeins that change color along the thread. Don't you think?

Depending on the size you make it, with 2 or 3 skeins of Katia's Funny Rainbow is enoughg. If you want something more plain, you can play with one or more colors of Drops Safran. You will need between 5 and 10 skeins to make this top.


Basic T-Shirt, camiseta de ganchilo diseñada por ByKaterina3. Basic T-Shirt, by ByKaterina

And talking about multicolor skeins... this t-shirt, with a total sport look, ideal for summer holidays in the mountain or the beach, is perfect for this kind of yarns.

If you like to be trendy you already know that this year's colors are neon. Have you seen Katia Neon cakes? Amazing, right? Now, visualize this t-shirt... right?

But don't worry if you don't like neon colors. You can also use other kind of yarns, like for example Fair Cotton Craft by Katia.

In any case, this is a very versatile pattern and if you like the t-shirt it will look as good in plain colors or stripped in your own way. Inspire yourself with our selection of cotton yarns in fingering weight here.


Satureja, top de crochet, patrón de Ilaria Kaliri4. Satureja, by Ilaria Kaliri

If you liked the idea to make a crochet t-shirt but you want something more formal, able to go to work to the office on summer days, for example, Satureja is a good design.

Playing a little bit more with texture, this pattern offers a more elegant look, less sport. Anyway it is still a supereasy to make crochet t-shirt.

It may be for the colors in the sample of the pattern, but we immediatly thought on Katia's Candy, a 100% cotton yarn thought for baby garments that will make of this t-shirt the coolest and softest of the summer.

Do you prefer it in plain colors? Still have not tried Katia Concept Ultrasoft?


Harmony, patrón de ganchillo de Yumiko Alexander5. Harmony, by Yumiko Alexander

And to finish we leave you with Harmony, a bold and elegant pattern for more experimented crocheters.

The original yarn is a blend of cotton and silk in sport weight. We imagine it in linen thread, like Casasol Flame 3 cabos or Katia's Lino 100%.

And you? How would you do it?

We hope that these suggestions have inspired you to make crochet garments for this summer.

If you make any of these patterns do not hesitate to post your images on Instagram and use #misskits hashtag #misskits so we can see it.

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