El Tejejuego, 2020 edition

In the summer of 2020, we started El Tejejuego, a simple and fun way to compensate you for your support buying yarn at Miss Kits.

We are pleasantly surprised by the success and acceptance that El Tejejuego has had in this first edition.

On the last days of the year, it was exciting to follow the rankings and not to be able to make a safe bet on who would finish on the podium. This encourages us to keep working on El Tejejuego and propose you new challenges and rewards.

We can advance you that 2021 is presented with news and more prizes, so if you have not registered yet, think that every meter counts!


What is El Tejejuego?

Some of you were participating in El Tejejuego, and you didn't know it until you got your first prize.

And that is because it is so easy to participate that you are probably already doing it!

The only requirements to participate in El Tejejuego are:

  1. To be registered at Miss Kits.
  2. Buy yarn at Miss Kits.

Our system takes care of adding up all the meters of wool (or any other material that your balls and skeins purchased from Miss Kits are made of). You don't have to do anything else.

Every meter of yarn you buy at Miss Kits makes you advance in the El Tejejuego board.

Some of these boxes contain prizes. If you have received an email celebrating that you have exceeded 2,500m, 5,000m, 10,000m ... read it carefully: you have a prize that you can redeem until January 31, 2021.

Besides, those who closed the year in the top 10 positions in the ranking have a special award, which we will reveal below.



The top 10 finishers of El Tejejuego 2020 edition

In El Tejejuego, we all are winners. When buying skeins and balls at Miss Kits,  we already have the best yarns, and we knit them in the best company; most of us even get rewards. But there are 10 people whose support we want to make a special mention. By getting to the top of the ranking, they show us the level of confidence they have in Miss Kits as their yarn store, and this deserves an extra thanks.

Below you can see the list of classifieds and their accumulated meters at the end of the year.


Ranking Top 10 of El Tejejuego,2020 edition


El Tejejuego - 2020 edition prizes are:


First position:

BA Bag de Joji&CoA. González Acosta.

Having circled the board more than two times, Ana crowns the El Tejejuego podium 2020 edition with 57.412 meters. This makes her worthy of a black BA Bag by Joji&Co.

BA Bag de Joji&Co is a project bag created by the famous knitting designer Joji Locatelli. These bags made with local Argentine leather and sewn by hand by a company of women are designed by a knitter for knitters to use.

If you still don't know it, you can buy yours at Miss Kits. Last items in stock.



Second position:

Carry Bag de Knitting Unicorns

M. Panyella Bassó.

Mar gets the second position with 33.250 meters of yarn in her needles and gets a Carry Bag by Knitting Unicorns.

Knitting Unicorns Carry Bags have been made in Barcelona with pretty printed fabrics.

These practical bags are ideal for taking your knitting projects with you wherever you need them. Mar is sure to put it to good use with all the new projects she has on her hands!



Third position:

Bolsa de Proyectos de Ohwow.AmsterdamV. Mitrofanova.

The 32.492 meters of yarn that she bought at Miss Kits make her climb to the podium's third step.

For this position, the prize consists of a hand-painted project bag by Ohwow.Amsterdam.

The original design of this practical bag will surely inspire her to knit incredible projects.



Fourth position:

Feliz y Punto Luxury Sock in color First DateJellybaby.

With 30.968 meters, Jellybaby gets a wonderful Luxury Sock skein by Feliz y Punto in the First Date colorway.

If you have already tried Seda 40 by Justina, you can imagine how spectacular these Luxury Sock Skeins are. With the same exquisite taste for the hand-dyed colors and with 10% of cashmere.

Jellybaby will be able to knit a beautiful shawl with an elegant drape and exceptional shine and softness with this El Tejejuego award.



Fifth position:

Luxury Sock de Feliz y Punto en color StrohA. Capella.

A. Capella closes the top 5 of El Tejejuego 2020 edition with 27.792 meters.

Her prize is a Luxury Sock by Feliz y Punto skein in Stroh colorway.

These skeins hand-dyed by Justina are made from a luxurious blend of superwash merino wool, silk, and cashmere.

A luxury award, don't you think?



Sixth to Tenth positions:

But the most special prize for us goes to the people who are in sixth to tenth positions: M. Garcia (26.695 m.), R. Caceres (25.212 m.), MJGC (25.212 m.), S. Hayashi (25.123 m.), and M. López Arahuetes (22.881 m.).

These last five positions of the El Tejejuego 2020 edition top ten get a Kitten skein by Sóc una troca!!! in the Gala came to save the world colorway each one.

This is a very special colorway for us, as this is the Miss Kits exclusive colorway created by Laia of Sóc una Troca!!! To celebrate the birth of the daughter of Àlex and Vanessa, the shop owners.

Sóc una troca!!! Kitten in Gala came to save the world colorway


El Tejejuego, 2021 edition

We know that some of you were discouraged by having started to play late to El Tejejuego, so today we bring you good news.

With the last dong of 2020, El Tejejuego's scoreboard was reset, and the game starts again. It's never too late to start playing!

Remember that participating is as easy as being registered at Miss Kits and buy yarn at our shop, online, or in our brick and mortar store in Barcelona.

The game continues, with new prizes and more surprises, in 2021. Stay tuned for upcoming news.

So do not hesitate: register, buy yarn at Miss Kits and win prizes!

El Tejejuego

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