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DK is one of the most used yarn weights because is perfect to knit pullovers, cardigans and accessories with 4mm knitting needles and crochet hooks. Each 100gr yarn ball has around 200-250 meters of thread.

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3,26 €
8 Colors

Original multicolor yarn in a white base with fun tones that bring a mottled finish to it.

4,09 €
15 Colors

Warm cotton with light Merino wool available in either delicate pastel colors and bright and bold colors.

4,55 €
16 Colors

Wool and cotton blend yarn in soft natural and pale melange colours. 

5,99 €
4 Colors

Katia Concept Yoga is a soft, fluffy and light thread, perfect to knit both adult and child garments.

12,36 €
12 Colors

The yarn ball that makes the jacquard pattern by itself when you knit in stockinette stitch.

3,06 €
6 Colors

Katia Ibis is a sparkling cotton yarn perfect to make party garments and accessories.

3,72 €
12 Colors

Malibu Plus is a tape with speckled effect

4,88 €
10 Colors

100% Extrafine Merino wool with sprayed color effect

6,57 €
13 Colors

Katia Paint is a multicolor yarn in cheerful colors and big cakes, perfect for winter accessories.

11,12 €
4 Colors

Katia Sweet Blanket Jacquard is the perfect yarn ball to make a baby blanket in fun colors without having to deal with different threads.

2,05 € 4,50 € -2,45 €
12 Colors

100% cotton in 100gr yarn balls, perfect for summer garments

16,49 €
25 Colors

Hand-dyed superwash merino wool in DK weight

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