5 sweater patterns for beginners

You just started to knit (or maybe you consider yourself a newbie even if you knit since long time ago, you keep the rhythm). You have knit cowls and scarves to fill a house. It's time to hurl yourself to knit your first sweater, what a challenge!

"Will I be able? Will it be complicated? Will I get tired halfway?" These are common doubts.

But don't worry. Knitting is a hobby, and we have come to have fun.

To help you a little bit with this new step, we suggest you some ideal sweater knitting patterns for beginners

Mon Manet, sweater diseñado por Jonna Hietala1. Mon Manet, by Jonna Hietala

This is a sweater with raglan sleeves that knits from the top down in the round. 
We put it in the first place because it is made with Aran weight yarn so that you will knit very fast, and you won't feel the burden of a "big" project.

You may know its designer, Jonna Hietala, for being the editor in chief of Laine Magazine.

Which is the main feature of this pullover? It is knitted in stockinette stitch, knit, knit, knit, easy-peasy. But in the end, you turn it inside out, and the sweater's right side shows the reverse stitch.

You can make it with dLana rustic bobbins. Depending on the size you decide to make, 5 to 7 bobbins will be enough.



Celia Pullover, un jersey diseñado por Luymou2. Celia Pullover, by Lucía Ruíz de Aguirre

Pattern available in Spanish and English.

Lucía, most known as Luymou in social networks, is the author of several books about knitting, with lots of patterns specially designed so even the more beginner knitters can make them.  

As Lucía says, knitting is easy; what is difficult is to launch rockets to the moon.

The texture that you see in Celia pullover is just an alternate of knit and purl stitches. You can do it!

Feliz y Punto DK Merino yarns will look gorgeous in a sweater like that.



Jersey Radiate, diseñado por Joji Locatelli para el volumen 5 de Interpretations3. Radiate, by Joji Locatelli

This sweater featured for the first time in volume 5 of Interpretations, the book collection that Joji Locatelli and Veera Vaïlimäki produce every year. These two designers choose 6 words for every tome, and they make a design inspired by each of these words, giving us their different and complementary visions of such inspiration.

Radiate is one of these pullovers that look complicated, and at first sight, one doesn't dare to make it because it looks like the feared brioche stitch... but it is just an optical effect.

This spectacular yoke is obtained with slip stitches. In other words: you never work with more than one color at a time.

This sweater uses DK weight yarn, and it will look amazing with hand-dyed yarns like the ones of El Robledal de la Santa DK Me or with Drops Lima.



So faded, un diseño de Andrea Mowry, más conocida como DreareneeKnits4. So faded, by Andrea Mowry

This is probably the easiest pattern of this selection. Why haven't we put it earlier? Because it uses fingering yarn, and if you have only made scarves with bulky yarn until now, you will see that your progress is slower.

If you are not in a hurry to finish your sweater and time is not an issue for you in this new challenge, no doubt: you will enjoy it, learn, and you will see that knitting a sweater is very easy.

Its designer is Andrea Mowry, who you may better know for her brand: Dreareneeknits.

The main amusement of So faded is playing with several skeins of different colors and create your own gradient jumper. So this is also a good project to use all those single skeins you have been buying in your first yarn festivals.

And if you still don't have stash issues, we tell you that choosing Olann is a sure hit. But if you need help to create your own combination, visit us at Miss Kits shop, and we will give you advice.



Ambient, diseño de Eri5. Ambient, by Eri

Another jumper with a trick. Available in English and also in Spanish.

This yoke that looks so tricky is just an optical effect: slip stitches and strands passing in front of live stitches.

If you want, the two-color version is as easy as knit the yoke with two strands together: the main yarn and thin mohair, like Kid-Silk by Drops.

For the rest of the body, a hand-dyed yarn like Hosenmatz by Frida Fuchs, Raval by Greta & The Fibers, Kitten by Sóc una Troca... or any other among all the wide variety that we have at Miss Kits, in fact!

Tell us how many Ambient sweaters will you knit?

We hope you liked this selection of patterns to knit your first sweater, available in Spanish and English.


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